January 2019

11 Tips to Fuel Personal Growth

The new year has come and gone. Perhaps your New Year's resolutions have too? Luckily for me, I got Kate Hanley's new book, How to be a Better Person, which includes 400 simple ways to make…

Anxiety is a Mindfulness Problem

When was the last time you walked across glass in your bare feet to get to the grocery store? Never? I know, it's a ridiculous question. And asking anxious therapy clients to accept their racing…

Stress and Anxiety

Understanding how stress and anxiety are linked can help you solve problems with either. Let's look at those links now, and then cover some strategies..... https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/in-practice/201502/stress-and-anxiety More from News: https://www.federicoferrarese.co.uk/2018/12/27/two-ways-to-make-cbt-work-more-effectively-for-anxiety/ https://www.federicoferrarese.co.uk/2018/12/26/the-neurological-basis-of-anxiety/ https://www.federicoferrarese.co.uk/2018/12/19/predictors-of-cbt-outcomes-identified-in-youths-with-anxiety-disorders/