Competence Frameworks


Competence Frameworks

Competence Frameworks

for the delivery of effective psychological interventions

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy

Welcome to the CBT competences framework for depression and anxiety disorders.The framework describes the various activities which need to be brought together in order to carry out CBT effectively and in line with best practice.

Background document for clinicians and commissioners

this is essential reading for users of the framework. It explains the principles which guided the development of the framework, and the ways in which it can be applied

Background document for service users

this is a non-technical description of what service users can expect from a therapist if they are offered a CBT intervention

Downloading the competences

To download competences from the map: placing the cursor over any of the boxes in the map links you to the competences. To see the competences associated with a specific activity, just click on the relevant box