Federico Ferrarese


Federico Ferrarese: A CBT Therapist in Edinburgh

Federico Ferrarese

I became initially interested in psychology when I was young, and I had the opportunity to do a volunteering experience to help people with a problem of addiction. I felt so helpless trying to deal with their issues that I decided to learn more about human behaviour and help those in need. I have become increasingly interested in psychology during my five years at university.

I graduated in Psychology in 1999 and initially chose to work in the HR sector. After six years of working in this area, I changed my career. I started to work as a Psychologist self-employed. I used the previous skills that I have achieved as a Human Resources Assistant to help people with physical and learning disabilities find and maintain a job. I enjoyed this experience and felt it necessary to learn more about the brain and neurophysiology. I started another BSc degree and graduated in Neurocognitive Rehabilitation at the University of Padova.

Having always pursued study and work that allows me to impact the lives of the vulnerable through various approaches, cognitive behaviour therapy is a field through which I can continue developing these skills and passions. What excites me most about the potential of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is helping people learn strategies to modify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. For this reason, I started the CBT training at Queen Margaret University and completed the Diploma level.

I use a warm, pragmatic approach and work as a catalyst for positive emotional and behavioural change.

I treat adults for assessment and psychological therapy at private practices in Edinburgh and Dalkeith.