Mental health services available in Edinburgh


Mental health services available in Edinburgh

The following list includes mental health services available in Edinburgh, which you can access without necessarily seeing a GP.

Living Life is a cost-free telephone service offered to anyone over the age of 16 who struggles with low mood, mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. To access this, call 0800 328 9655.
A website maintained and developed by organisations including The City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian and Health in Mind. The primary purpose is to signpost carers and individuals to proper mental health services in Edinburgh. This homepage selects complimentary downloadable self-help booklets, a list of recommended self-help books to buy or loan from a library, and links to self-help websites, including online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Penumbra is one of the largest mental health charities to promote mental health and well-being for all, prevent mental illness for individuals at risk, and support people with a mental health issue.

The Mental Health Station is a one-stop shop that provides signposting, support, and information. The service intends to ensure that individuals have access to appropriate support as early as possible.

Counselling may involve different psychological approaches, and for a list of counselling services, I recommend

Health in Mind promotes positive mental health and well-being by offering various services to support individuals and allow them to make a positive difference in their lives. These services include anxiety and depression support groups.

The Rivers Centre is a trauma service dedicated to addressing the health, social and welfare needs of individuals impacted by psychological trauma such as physical assault, robbery, sexual offence, domestic violence and misuse and serious accidents.

Cared aims to support loved ones aged 25 and under who have an eating disorder.

Information for Parents of pre-teens and Teenagers
The Parent and Carer Support Group have offered a useful handout of local services in Edinburgh.


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